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Practice Schedule and Travel info

By Chris Delfausse, 04/25/19, 12:30PM CDT


Hello Folks -

I hope everyone's season has gone well, or is still going.  To those of you playing next weekend in the GHYLA Playoffs - good luck, to our High School Players in THSLL City Playoffs this week - Good Luck, to our private school players who have SPC coming up, Good Luck, and to any high school players moving on to THSLL State Playoffs - Good Luck.  It has been great to see many of you on the fields this spring across the sideline.

Well Summer is just about here and it's time to really start thinking about our summer play.

I'm sorry for the delay in getting this schedule out, but was working hard to offer practice locations around town to help everyone a little bit.  I'm hopeful that this schedule allows everyone the most time possible at our practices, as we pride ourselves on providing the best practice experience out there with great coaching.

Practice Schedule:
Full practice schedule is attached in excel form.  It can also be found on the website.

Team Coaching Assignments
2026 - Al Christopher (Woodlands DI Varsity Assistant), Assistant - TBD
2025 - Peter Marin (Houston Christian DI Head Coach), Mike Donnelly (EHS DI Varsity Head Coach)
2024 - Jerry Davis (ROBS 8th Head Coach), Taylor Brooks (Atascocita DII Varsity Head Coach)
2023 - David Cohn (St. John's DI Varsity Head Coach)  - Assistant TBD
2022 - TJ Benson (Friendswood DI Varsity Head Coach) , Rob Wellington (St. John's JV Coach and former Duke Player)
2021 - Michael Centra (Kinkaid DI Varsity Head Coach), Joey Shepard (Seven Lakes DI Varsity Head Coach)
2020 - Keith Tintle (Woodlands DI Varsity Head Coach), Jeremy Platt (Kingwood DI Varsity Head Coach)

All Coaches will be at practices helping coach all players at all levels.  We're excited to get going for the summer.

2026-2023 teams making the Colorado swing.  The Denver Shootout states that ALL TEAMS WILL PLAY FRIDAY EVENING Starting at 5pm or later.

Please plan travel accordingly, allowing yourself time to land, get checked into hotel and get to fields.

Vail:  If your looking at renting condos, here are the field locations for each grade.  For address you can go to the Vail website.

2026- Edwards Fields
2025- Avon and Edwards
2024- Edwards
2023- Vail and Edwards

2022-2020 - A note to think about - with the week gap between weekends, it might not be a bad idea to book one way into Baltimore and one way out of Rochester or Buffalo NY and use the week in between to visit some schools, tour some colleges, etc.  There is a HUGE array of types, sizes, and locations for schools and an EVEN BIGGER part of college is looking at those things for fit. You could certainly spend your time in worse ways that week. Just a suggestion.

HS Chaperones: Contact Coach Platt for coaches flight info if your son needs to be Chaperoned to BSK or Vail

Should you have any questions regarding the schedule, teams, etc., please do not hesitate to reach out and email here or call my cell at 413-244-7008.

Thanks so much and I look forward to a wonderful summer of lacrosse.

Coach Platt
Jeremy Platt
Director - Iron Horse Houston